(Binghamton, NY • May 16, 2018) The Sock Out Cancer® concerts held this month not only provided an evening of amazing music, but also exceeded the events’ fundraising goals for helping financially distressed cancer patients in the Capital District of New York and in Greater Binghamton, New York. The net proceeds from the events will be used to help these patients pay for non-medical needs such as transportation, groceries and rent or mortgage so they can put all their energy into fighting cancer.

The concerts took place May 8 in Albany and May 11 in Binghamton. Both events featured America’s Got Talent runner-up William Close and the Earth Harp Collective, who thrilled the audience members and received a standing ovation in each city. Security Mutual Life Chairman, President & CEO Bruce W. Boyea had the honor of opening each event by announcing the fundraising results. The net proceeds from the Albany concert amounted to $80,000: $40,000 will go to St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation for their cancer patients needing financial assistance, and $40,000 will go to the Albany Medical Center Foundation to assist their Melodies Center Pediatric Cancer Child Life Program patients and families.

This was the second year a Sock Out Cancer benefit concert was held in Binghamton, and again this year the event surpassed its $100,000 goal. The net proceeds from the May 11 event came in at $110,000, with the Lourdes Hospital Foundation and the UHS Foundation each receiving $55,000 for assisting their cancer patients.

Boyea saluted all four hospital foundations for the work they do in helping make a difference in the lives of their patients. He went on to warmly thank the organizations who joined Security Mutual in presenting the concerts: Capital BankSEFCU and Tri City Rentals in Albany, and Chemung Canal Trust Company and Visions Federal Credit Union in Binghamton. He also thanked the events’ many other sponsors, as well as the audience and community members who supported the initiative through the purchase of concert tickets and Sock Out Cancer Socks. “None of this would happen without your support,” said Boyea.

Boyea paid special tribute to the many cancer patients and survivors in attendance. “I want you to know how inspiring it is for us to have you here, because you really are what Sock Out Cancer is all about,” he said.

Prior to taking the stage with his fellow band members, William Close expressed his feelings about taking part in the Sock Out Cancer initiative: “I just want to say thank you so much for having us be a part of this fantastic project. I believe there is an aspect of music that is about healing, and to bring that to anyone, any audience, in any way that we can, it is an honor.”